Local Runners

Action Runners: Executing Action Stores from Your Infrastructure
Action runners are a fundamental component of Kubiya, Action Runners enables executing custom actions or agents. These runners enable users to execute action stores on any Kubernetes-based infrastructure, offering versatility for a wide range of use cases.

Key Features

Kubiya runners provide several key features that enhance the execution of custom logic and actions:
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    Executing Custom Logic: Kubiya runners excel at executing custom logic on behalf of users. If you have developed your own custom logic and want to leverage the power of Kubiya to execute it seamlessly, action runners provide the ideal solution. This feature is particularly valuable for users who want to offload the execution of their custom logic to Kubiya, leveraging its robust infrastructure and capabilities.
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    Local Network Execution: Action runners enable the execution of actions within local networks, such as virtual private clouds (VPCs). This capability is essential for users who need to execute actions in an isolated network environment without opening network access to the wider network. With Kubiya runners, you can take advantage of Kubiya's functionality securely within your restricted network setup.
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    Full Control over Action Source Code: Kubiya runners empower users to have complete control over the source code of their actions. You can host your action source code in your own repositories, enabling efficient development and deployment processes. With this level of control, you can iterate, test, and enhance your actions with ease, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.
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    Self-Hosted Action Stores: Kubiya fully supports self-hosted action stores, allowing you to create and manage custom actions using the Kubiya SDK. The platform utilizes a scheduler for these action stores, providing a powerful and flexible way to execute serverless functions against your preferred infrastructure. This self-hosted approach offers enhanced flexibility and customization options.

Getting Started with Action Runners

To help you quickly get started with action runners and execute your action stores from your infrastructure, Kubiya offers out-of-the-box templates. These templates enable you to easily create and deploy various types of action stores on a local Kubernetes cluster. You can leverage these templates without needing extensive knowledge of Kubernetes or complex infrastructure.
By utilizing Kubiya's example templates, you can jumpstart your action store development and deployment process. These templates provide a solid foundation and guide you through the necessary steps to create, configure, and execute your actions efficiently. Whether you are new to Kubiya or an experienced user, the example templates ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.