Install the Kubiya App for Slack

Installing Kubiya app for Slack

The best way to get started with Kubiya is using the direct integration within Slack which ensures a streamlined and enhanced user experience, enabling you and your team to interface with the virtual assistant without requiring platform switching.

Don't worry - after installing the app for Slack you'll still be able to access the management interface.

Features of the Slack integration

  • Immediacy: Engage with Kubiya directly within your established communication channels on Slack and manage all kinds of cloud resources with a blink of an eye.

  • Efficiency: All native integrations can be easily connected right from Slack.

  • Collaboration: Enhance collective decision-making by sharing and debating Kubiyaโ€™s insights within your teamโ€™s Slack channels.

Installing the App for Slack

Add the Kubiya app to your Slack workspace:

Clicking on the Add to Slack button above will prompt you to approve Kubiya's access to your workspace:

Important: Make sure the correct workspace is selected on the top right.

After adding to Slack, you should be redirected to this page, indicating that the onboarding process succeeded:

Don't forget to check out your inbox and accept your Kubiya invitation

You should see the newly installed Kubiya app in your Slack workspace - with a message waiting for you to enable your first integrations:

Now, Activate your account by sending any message to Kubi โœ๏ธ

Here are some useful tips on how to get the most out of your Kubiya app for Slack:

  • Your go-to command is the /agent command - from there you can pretty much do anything

  • If you're looking to converse with the Kubiya app you could either send it a direct message or tag it in a channel where Kubi is a member of

  • When trying to management related command (new integrations, inviting users, etc..) you can use the /manage command

Important - Make sure that your web browser session is logged in to the same account you are using on Slack (SSO)

For more information about Kubiya's terms and conditions please click here

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