Creating New Agents

Navigate to the Agents Dashboard:

Click on "New Agent.."

Fill in the Agent Identity - the agent identity requires a name for the agent and a description

  • Name is used to easily identify the agent

  • Description allows the organization users to understand the agent purpose

Once ready, hit Continue

Fill the Agent Configuration - the agent configuration is a set of settings which defines the core settings of the agent, such as its hosting runner , container image, environment variables, and integrations (connectors)

Optionally, you can also pass secrets to the agent container. Secrets can be created from the secrets screen on the web interface

When ready, click on Continue

Next, fill in the relevant AI configuration of the agent. This includes its core model (LLM), system instructions, and optionally additional source for the instructions which can be a GitHub Gist raw URL

The final step is to define user access for the agent (RBAC). You may choose users or groups (which can be configured from the web interface) which will be able to access the Agent:

FInally, review your agent before moving forward to creating it:

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