Using Threads

Kubiya transforms Slack threads into distinct 'Contexts' to improve your conversation flow. Here's a quick guide to harnessing this integration:

Starting a Context: Begin a new topic? Start a Slack thread. This is your new 'Context' in Kubiya.

Why Threads Matter: Kubiya's memory of the conversation revolves around the thread. Every interaction within a thread helps Kubiya understand and retain the context.

Stick to the Topic: Ensure discussions within a thread remain on-point. New topic? Start a fresh thread.

The context is built from the first question - which means that if the first question on the thread is around GitHub all following interactions on this context will be also bounded to GitHub.

Revisiting Contexts

To look back on a topic, simply open the respective Slack thread. Kubiya recalls all associated interactions.

Engaging Kubiya

While in a thread, you can interact with Kubiya directly. Ask questions, set tasks, or gather insights.

Gaining Insights:

Over time, Kubiya offers summaries based on your threaded conversations, providing a clearer picture of your discussions.

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