You can use agents to provision infrastructure using Hashicorp Terraform. Terraform is a great IaC (infrastructure as code) solution that simplifies the lifecycle of infrastructure management using code.

Terraform is awesome but it comes with some obstacles, especially as part of the dynamic nature of an organization. The process of using Terraform in the right way requires vast knowledge and understanding and involves multiple dependencies such as version control (eg. Github), modules, and state management.

Kubiya Agents can help streamline this dynamic process by using custom instructions with the combination of Terraform modules.

For example, without kubiya, deploying cloud resources with Terraform requires several steps :

  1. Install Terraform:

  2. Write Configuration ( .tf files ):

  3. Initialize withterraform init

  4. Review and Plan with terraform plan command to see the changes Terraform will make.

  5. Apply Changes terraform apply to apply your configuration and create the infrastructure.

  6. Validate and Test: Check that your infrastructure works as expected.

With Kubiya all it takes is a simple prompt that activates the right agent for the task ( which can also be combined with additional services - in the following case - Jira ):

  1. Kubi connects the agent for the task and starts the plan based on the instructions it was configured with :

  2. Kubi initializes the terraform module :

  3. Kubi run the plan and apply it ( with confirmation ) :

  4. A dedicated jira ticket is created with details about the resource that was just created :

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