Add Knowledge

Step-by-step instructions for adding knowledge in Kubiya and connecting it to AI agents.

1. Go to Knowledge

In the Kubiya web app, select Knowledge in the left-hand menu

This is a list of the organizational knowledge you have stored in Kubiya.

To add a new piece of knowledge, click Add Knowledge

2. Add a title, description, and tags

Add a title, description, and tags to help you and your team organize your knowledge in Kubiya.

After that, click Continue.

3. Add the content

Add the content here. You can edit it using markdown.

When finished, click Continue.

4. Give access

Select the Agents and Users who should have access to this piece of knowledge.

After that, click Continue.

5. Review and Save

Review all of the info, and when you're ready, click Confirm to save it.


All done! Your org knowledge has been added to Kubiya.

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