Creating access requests

Creating an agent access requests is possbile from the Kubiya slack app using the /agent slash command.

Creating a request

On Slack, type /agent to access the agents interface:

Click on "Request Access":

Fill in (natural language) what you are looking to do, and for how long:

If you already know the name of the agent which can serve the request, you can fill it right away, if not - the AI will choose the best matching agent for your request as long with its owners

Submit the request:

Upon submitting, Kubiya will attempt to find the best matching agent for the task, along with the owners who can approve the request:

All of the owners will get a notification on Slack with a recommendation of an approval policy (instructions to the AI on how to limit its behavior for the request)

Once the permission is approved, users can access the agent for the specified TTL and permissions:

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