Build your own image (Docker)

Kubiya agent is essential for initializing new profiles and configuring them to work with Kubiya. This guide will walk you through creating a new profile using the Kubiya base image and setting up the project structure.


Before you start, ensure you have the following:

  • Docker installed on your machine.

  • Access to the Kubiya base image (kubiya/base-agent).

  • You can find more details about the template in its official repo - we encourage you to suggest new setup via pull requests :

Step 1: Clone our starter repository

First, you need to create a new directory for your Docker project. This will serve as the root directory.

git clone
cd agent-starter-template

Step 2: Extend the Agent Dockerfile with your tools

Edit the Dockerfile in the project root - you can add all kinds of layers to the Dockerfile as per your setup needs:


# Add your layers here..
# eg:
# # Install terraform
#RUN wget && \
#    unzip -d /usr/local/bin/

Step 3: Build the container

Now let's bundle everything together into a Docker image which will be used as our profile server:

docker build . --tag <your-dest-image>

Push to the registry:

docker push <dest>

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