Creating a webhook

Creation steps

  1. Log in to your Kubiya dashboard.

  2. Navigate to the "Webhooks" panel

  1. Click on "New Webhook"

  1. Fill in the relevant webhook details:

  • Webhook Name: A unique name to identify this webhook

  • Webhook Source: The source (third party system) which will send the webhook - this is a free style text for you to identify the source of the webhook

Configure the Webhook

  1. Fill the Details - "Select an Agent" - the Agent which will perform the task

  2. AI Instructions - provide the AI instructions for the agent to perform - you can also use the {{.event.}} syntax to get dynamic data from the event, moreover you can filter the incoming webhook that trigger the agent by JMESPath expression

  3. Select the communication method, which is basically where the Agent will start the conversation when the event occurs:

  4. Check if the Summary details is correct and toggle between Auto Run (right after the events triggers) and Non-Auto Run.

  5. Click on "Create new Event".

  6. You can now copy the webhook URL:

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