Conversing in channels

Interacting with Kubiya inside Slack Channels

Kubiya operates as a virtual assistant within Slack channels. It is crucial to ensure Kubiya is present within a channel to interact with it and benefit from its contextual memory features.

Inviting Kubiya to a Channel: Before initiating any interaction, ensure that the Kubiya virtual assistant is invited to the specific Slack channel.

  1. Go to the desired Slack channel.

  2. Tag @Kubi Jr.

  1. Confirm adding to channel:

Thread Interactions:

Kubiya cannot engage in or monitor threads within a channel unless it is a member of that channel. Ensure Kubiya's presence in the channel before involving it in thread-based discussions.

Tagging and Context:

For optimal performance and to maintain clarity in discussions, you should tag Kubiya in relevant threads. This not only grabs Kubiya's attention but also establishes the context for the virtual assistant.

  1. Start or join a thread.

  2. Mention Kubiya using @Kubi Jr. within your message to engage it.

  3. Use clear and consistent tags to help Kubiya establish context. For example: @Kubi Jr. #ProjectX Update.

Contextual Memory:

Kubiya builds its understanding and memory based on the tags and interactions it has witnessed. To avoid confusion and maintain thread-specific contexts:

  • Recommendation:

    1. Always use distinct tags for different discussions.

    2. Refrain from overlapping or using similar tags for distinct topics.

    3. Periodically review thread tags to ensure consistency and clarity

Conversing in direct messages

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