/search slash command (custom actions)

The /search(-for) slash command allows searching for actions, custom actions , and knowledge. It can be very useful for users who consume custom actions and want to invoke a conversation about executing them quickly

Supported features

  • Searching for custom actions built using the SDK

  • Searching for knowledge data in case you have connected Atlassian Confluence

  • Invoking actions from search results

Using the /search slash command

  1. You can simply use it by invoking /search-for from anywhere on Slack while on a DM session with Kubi Jr:

  1. You will see a prompt asking you for the search term. Fill in anything you want to look for and hit "Search":

  1. You can choose one of the top actions returned from the search results

  1. Invocation method:

There's two ways to invoke actions from the search results, chatting or submitting a form


In cases where you want to have an intelligent conversation about the particular custom action you want to run you can just hit the Chat button on the desired result to start a Slack thread discussing about the needed parameters for the action (if any)

In cases no parameters are needed - the action will start to run in the thread right away:

Form submission

In same cases you might already know which custom action you want to run along with the needed parameters for it. If you want to skip the chat interaction and just fill the relevant parameters it is possible by clicking on the Form button:

In cases of form submission, the results of the action will be shown on the main thread:

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