Creating new Agents

You can create new agents by clicking on the New Agent button on the management panel:

  1. Fill in a name and a description for the new agent:

  1. Fill in the relevant configuration:

Runner - the hosting runner (cluster) which will control the agent

Docker image - the base Docker image for the agent container, if you're not sure - keep this default

Integrations - the integration you would like to enable for the agent (supported integrations)

Secrets - you can optionally assign secrets to the agent which will get injected during runtime

  1. Set up the AI configuration for the agent, which includes the base model, system prompt (AI instructions) and possibly links for GitHub gists which can be used as additional source of information for the agent base instructions:

  1. Define access for the agent - which will decided who inside the organizaiton will be able to talk with it:

  1. Done, you now have a new agent configured:

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