Conversation Starters

Buttons that let you initiate agent-powered tasks in one click

What are Conversation Starters?

Conversation Starters are buttons that appear when starting a conversation with an AI Agent. Each button has a short, intuitive description, making it easy for users to understand what it does.

How do they work?

  • User-Friendly Buttons: Displayed at the beginning of an interaction with the AI Agent, providing clear and concise descriptions.

  • Detailed Prompts: Behind each button is a detailed prompt for a specific task, which the AI Agent will receive and act upon.

When should you use them?

Conversation Starters are ideal for your organization's frequently recurring use cases, allowing users to initiate tasks quickly without needing to type out their requests. This feature ensures that users can start tasks efficiently, enhancing their overall experience with the AI Agent.

How to create conversation starters?

Check out our interactive demo:

Where to start:

Go to the Kubiya Web App. On the left-hand menu, press Agents > Overview.

  • If the conversation starters are for a new agent that you haven't created yet, click "New Agent" in the upper right-hand corner.

  • If you're adding conversation starters to an existing agent, find the agent and press the edit button.

Click "Add Starter"

On the right-hand panel, you will see all existing conversation starters for this Agent.

To add a starter, click +Add Starter

Add Button Text and Prompt

Button Text is the text that will appear on the button. This is what your users will see.

Tip: Keep it short and intuitive, so that your users will immediately understand what it does.

Prompt is the instructions that will be sent to the AI Agent when this button is pressed. Your users will not see this.

Tip: Be as clear as possible. If there are any steps or details that you want the Agent to adhere to each time it performs this task, state them here clearly.

Press Done

Review conversation starters and add more

You can see all of your conversation starters for this agent in the panel on the right.

From here you can add, edit, or delete your conversation starters.

You can add a maximum of 5 conversation starters per agent.

Continue and Save

Confirm that users and groups with access to this agent look okay. Adjust if needed. Click Continue.

Review your agent's information. If all looks good, then save your changes by pressing Update Agent.

Done! Initiate AI Agent-powered tasks in one click

Head to Slack and start a session with your Agent. To do so:

  • Go to the Kubiya Slack app Kubi Jr.

  • Type /agent and then click Find Agent

  • Type in the name of your agent, click Find Best Match and then Launch.

Your Agent will now warm up and then show you its conversation starters.

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