This section describes the steps to debug your Kubiya's Action Runner deployed on your Kubernetes cluster.

Debug steps

Check the runner connectivity status:

  1. In the web UI --> go to the Action Runner Menu and check that the runner status is "Healthy"

  2. Open your terminal or command prompt and make sure you are in the Kubernetes context you installed the Kubiya runner.

  3. Find your runner name from the web UI Action Runner dashboard:

Try to run a forced health check:

From Kubernetes:

  1. Run the following command :

$ kubectl get deployments -n kubiya
  1. Locate your runner in one of the deployments ( the runner name is kubiya-operator ).

  2. A runner with a healthy status should have as follows:

    NAME                                 READY   UP-TO-DATE   AVAILABLE   AGE
    kubiya-operator                       1/1     1            1           15d

Check the runner deployment logs

  1. Stream the logs from the runner deployment

    $ kubectl logs -f deployment/kubiya-operator -n kubiya   
    2024/04/19 15:27:20 INFO waiting for messages...
    2024/04/19 15:27:20 INFO subscribe>
  2. In case you are seeing an error in the streamed logs try to rollout restart the deployment and repeat steps 4-5 and 1.

    # example error
    $ kubectl logs -f deployment/kubiya-operator -n kubiya   
    2024/04/18 17:14:40 ERROR failed to connect to NATS with credentials error="nats: Authorization Violation"
    # rollout restart
    $ kubectl rollout restart deployment kubiya-operator -n kubiya
    deployment.apps/kubiya-operator restarted

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