👋Welcome to Kubiya Docs!

But first, what is Kubiya? Well, Kubiya is your DevOps ChatGPT.

Kubiya is a conversational AI-powered internal developer platform that leverages Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) to provide a self-serve interface. Using Kubiya engineering teams can consume DevOps services simply by conversing with their personal DevOps assistant, Kubi. Using Kubiya, engineers can access resources from dozens of popular engineering tools. Simply ask Kubi to run CI jobs, list deployments, create and manage Kubernetes namespaces, create, update and query Jira tickets, update configuration files in Github, Gitlab or Bitbucket and much much more.

See how Kubiya's conversational AI understands natural language, translating it into actual actions on your platforms.

Kubi can also answer questions based on organizational knowledge systems

Kubiya enforces security protocols with every request. You can read more about security here.

Welcome to a new era of intuitive, accessible, and efficient DevOps management 🎉

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