On premises agents (Kubernetes hosted)

It is possible to extend Kubiya with your agents. Using custom agents allows you to provision pre-defined environments with common tools and solutions such as scripts, repositories and binaries.

Kubiya can invoke the different tools and provide a conversational interface to them

Custom agents are running from your environment using local runners. You'll need to setup a local runner before being able to create and use custom agents.


  • Once an Agent is created, users can invoke it using the /agent slash command or from within active conversations

  • Kubiya will be able to provision or reuse a container to serve the profile on your own Kubernetes cluster for each Agent in a user-based way.

  • Self-hosted agents offer a flexible solution for organizations seeking to integrate Large Language Models (LLMs) into their infrastructure. Key points include:

    • Custom Hosting: Deploy agents on your own infrastructure, providing control over performance, security, and integration.

    • Bring Your Own LLM: Users have the option to integrate their own LLMs with these agents, allowing for personalized and specialized use cases.

    • Scalability and Customization: Tailor agent deployment and management according to specific organizational needs, leveraging Kubernetes for scalability and maintenance.

    • Enhanced Security and Compliance: Hosting agents in-house aligns with internal security protocols and compliance requirements.

    This approach provides a versatile and secure platform for utilizing advanced language models within your unique ecosystem.

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