Chat with a containerized environment with custom tools


  • Agents are containerized environments with a set of tools that kubiya utilizes during your chat.

  • Custom Agents allows you to define a containerized environment with your own set of tools and instructions.

  • Each containerized application is defined as a custom profile, utilizing stateless container technology and AI agents to execute a wide array of tasks.


  1. Custom Agents are built on top of stateless container technology. These containers serve as isolated execution environments where a set of tools and applications can be deployed. The containers terminate after the execution is complete. This ensures a consistent environment for every execution cycle.

  2. AI Agent: An AI-powered agent resides within the container, acting as the executor of tasks. It interprets natural language commands and interacts with the tools and applications within the container to perform the specified actions.

  3. Custom profiles can be managed using source control for easy maintenance of the core instructions for the AI on the specified profile environment.


  1. Manage your DevOps stack and infrastructure.

  2. Ability to plan and execute code.

  3. Easy definition of use cases using natural language.

  4. Agent's tasks can be scheduled or triggered via webhooks.

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