Managing Users and Groups


The Users & Groups management area is designed for the administration of platform user accounts and their respective group associations, allowing for streamlined access control and role delegation.

Key Components

User List

  • Displays the users with their avatars, names, and emails.

  • Shows the groups to which each user is assigned, indicating their role within the platform.

User Status

  • Each user's current status is shown, such as 'Active', to indicate whether they have access to the platform.

Search Functionality

  • Utilize the search bar to quickly find a user or group by name.

User Management

  • Invite User: This button enables you to add new users to the platform.

  • Refresh: Updates the user list to show the most recent information.

  • Edit User: The pencil icon allows you to alter user details or group assignments.

Tabs for Users and Groups

  • Toggle between viewing a list of individual users or groups to manage each aspect accordingly.

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