Events feature is still on Beta


The Events feature empowers your virtual assistant to seamlessly respond to webhooks, enhancing its capabilities to interact with external systems and services. By leveraging events triggered by incoming webhooks, your virtual assistant can stay dynamically connected to the broader ecosystem of your applications and platforms.

Key Features

1. Webhook Integration

  • Easily integrate your virtual assistant with external services through webhook configurations.
  • Receive real-time data and updates from third-party systems directly into your assistant's workflow.

2. Event Handlers

  • Define custom event handlers to process incoming webhook data.
  • Tailor your assistant's responses based on the content and context of the received events.

3. Dynamic Responses

  • Enable dynamic and context-aware responses by utilizing webhook-triggered events.
  • Craft personalized interactions with users based on external events.

4. Configuration Flexibility

  • Configure event subscriptions and webhook endpoints to adapt to your specific use cases.
  • Fine-tune how your virtual assistant reacts to different types of events.