Getting the best out of Kubi

How to get the best results from conversing with Kubi
When interacting with Kubi, think of it less like issuing commands to a machine and more like asking a colleague for help. Kubiya has been designed to understand natural, conversational language. This makes your experience more intuitive and user-friendly.
Instead of:
@Kubiya Next Gen: pull single gitlab project id 48875647
@Kubiya Next Gen: Can you get me information about the GitLab project with ID 48875647?
The latter is more natural and allows Kubiya to better understand and cater to your request.
Conversational Prompt
  • When Kubi asks you for parameters to run an action, we recommend giving the fewest parameters possible. You can tell it "just send the required parameters".
  • Don't know what Kubi can do? Ask Kubi. The answer will change depending on the integrations enabled in your organization.
  • You can always ask Kubi what it can do around a specific domain or platform such as AWS, Kubernetes etc.
What can Kubi do around Argo