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Managing secrets for actions
Very often you would want to access some third party from actions and might need a layer which will allow securely storing secrets which can be used from such actions.
Kubiya allows a way to manage the secrets securely on Kubiya cloud to allow such capabilities

Create a new secret

  1. 1.
    In the Kubiya management interface, navigate to the "Secrets" section:
  1. 2.
    Click on Create Secret:
  1. 2.
    Fill the relevant details of the secret:
  • Name: should define the purpose of the secret
  • Description: More detailed explanation on the secret purpose
  • Secret value: The value of the secret
  1. 4.
    Click on "Save" to create the secret
  2. 5.
    The secret can now be used from within Kubiya actions

Using secrets inside actions

For an action to require a secret out of the box - you can simply add this line on the action store object:
This will make the action store require the specified secrets and make the requirement also visible on the web interface:
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