Local Runners

Local runners allows Kubiya users to execute action store actions from any Kubernetes-based infrastructure
Runners are a key concept in Kubiya, a powerful platform for building and executing custom actions using the Kubiya SDK. These runners allow users to execute action stores on any Kubernetes-based infrastructure, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of use cases.
Key features
One of the key features of Kubiya runners is their ability to execute custom logic on behalf of the user. This is particularly useful for users who have built their own custom logic and want to use Kubiya to execute it for them.
Another use case for Kubiya runners is the ability to execute actions against local networks, such as within a virtual private cloud (VPC). This is useful for users who cannot open network access to the wider network but still want to take advantage of the functionality provided by Kubiya.
Additionally, Kubiya runners allow users to control the source code of their actions in their own repositories, giving them full control over the development and deployment of their actions.
Kubiya also supports self-hosted action stores, which can be used to create custom actions using the Kubiya SDK. The platform utilizes OpenFaas as a wrapper and scheduler for Kubiya action stores, providing users with a powerful and flexible way to execute serverless functions against a supported infrastructure.
To help users get started quickly, Kubiya provides out-of-the-box templates for creating all kinds of action stores which can be hosted locally on a Kubernetes cluster. This allows developers to easily create and deploy their actions, without the need for extensive knowledge of Kubernetes or other complex infrastructure - please check out our example templates
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