Official Action Stores

List of action stores which are available for immediate integration and are verified by the Kubiya team
Official Action Stores are pre-built collections of actions created and maintained by the Kubiya team. These collections provide a set of actions that can be used within your Kubiya workflows to perform a variety of tasks, such as interacting with cloud services, automation tools, and version control systems. Here are some examples of the official action stores currently available:
AWS: The AWS action store provides a set of actions for interacting with AWS services, such as Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, and Amazon RDS
Kubernetes: The Kubernetes action store provides a set of actions for managing and interacting with your Kubernetes cluster, such as creating and managing pods, services, and namespaces
By using the official action stores, you can quickly and easily incorporate pre-built actions into your Kubiya workflows, saving you time and effort in developing and maintaining your own actions.