CLI Reference

Kubiya support CLI syntax
Bundling a new action store out of a Python project:
kubiya action-store bundle --language python --store-name <some name> <directory>
Describing an existing action store:
kubiya action-store describe <name>
Executing an existing action from an existing action store:
kubiya action execute --action-name <name> --store-name <action_store_name> -j {} (json input)
Listing all action stores:
kubiya action-store list
Grant access for workflow execution to another org user or role:
kubiya policy create --workflow-ids,... -n <policy_name> -e <entity> (user or role)
List all access policies:
kubiya policy list
Relate English sentences to workflow execution (teach - AI):
kubiya knowledge create --topic-name 'Restart an ECS service' --examples 'restart ecs service,ecs service restart' --workflow aws_ecs_restart_service --answer 'Ok, on it!'
List all knowledge:
kubiya knowledge list
Delete a knowledge topic:
kubiya knowledge delete --topic-name 'Restart an ECS service'
Create a secret:
kubiya secret create --secret-name my_secret --secret-value <my_secret_value>
List all secrets:
kubiya secret list
Delete an existing secret:
kubiya secret delete --secret-name <secret>