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The Kubiya Command Line Interface (CLI) is a convenient tool that enables you to interact with Kubiya from the command line. With the Kubiya CLI, you can easily create custom integrations, workflows, and access policies.
Some of the specific tasks that you can perform using the Kubiya CLI include creating custom integrations to extend the capabilities of the platform, creating and managing workflows to automate tasks and processes, and creating and managing access policies to control user permissions and privileges.
Overall, the Kubiya CLI provides a powerful and flexible way to interact with the Kubiya platform, allowing you to fully customize and automate your workflows and processes.


The Kubiya CLI is available for multiple platforms. You can download the CLI using the following links:
Copy the CLI to a location in your PATH and make it executable.
Do so by running the following commands:
sudo cp kubiya-cli /usr/local/bin
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/kubiya-cli
Check that the newly installed Kubiya CLI is working by running the following command:
kubiya-cli --version
The CLI will output the following if the installation was successful:
Version 0.10.0 (git hash: ae8f8f)
(Note: the version number can change as well as the git hash based on the version of the CLI)