Actions SDK

Introduction to Kubiya action stores
Welcome to the introductory page of our Actions SDK and Action Stores documentation. This guide aims to provide a brief yet comprehensive overview of our SDK and the concept of Action Stores, which are designed to streamline the creation and management of actions for your virtual assistant and within workflows.

Overview of the Actions SDK

The Actions SDK is a robust tool crafted to simplify the creation of digital actions. These actions are individual operations that serve a dual purpose - they equip your virtual assistant with context and serve as fundamental building blocks within workflows.

Introducing Action Stores

Action Stores are a crucial component of the Actions SDK. They function as repositories of individual actions, collectively bundled under a single application. Action Stores enhance the efficiency of action execution and are ideally suited for packaging as Docker containers, providing benefits like portability, isolation, and scalability.

Building and Managing Action Stores with Kubiya Bundle API

The Kubiya Bundle API facilitates a seamless experience in creating and managing Action Stores. Whether you choose to use a CLI or a REST API, the Kubiya Bundle API provides a user-friendly interface to handle the lifecycle of your Action Stores.

Action Definition and Deployment Flexibility

Each action within an Action Store is defined using well-structured Pydantic models. This approach enables the AI to automatically comprehend the parameters required for each action, thereby enhancing execution accuracy and efficiency. Additionally, Action Stores' flexibility enables their easy deployment on any Kubernetes-enabled infrastructure, leveraging Kubernetes' robust container orchestration capabilities. Importantly, Action Stores can also be deployed on your own infrastructure, offering you complete control and security.

Integration with Workflows

Action Stores play a pivotal role in workflow assembly. They allow for the combination of multiple individual actions—potentially sourced from different Action Stores—into a comprehensive workflow. This process significantly boosts operational efficiency.
This documentation is designed to guide you through the process of creating, bundling, and deploying Action Stores, enabling you to fully leverage the potential of our Actions SDK in your applications and with your virtual assistant.