Welcome to Kubiya!

What is Kubiya? Conversing with your engineering platforms
Kubiya is a ChatGPT for DevOps. It uses generative AI to create automated workflows that integrate with your Git/CI/K8s/Cloud/other engineering platforms and make them accessible to your users through a conversational AI over your existing chat tools, while keeping permissions and TTL.
It aims to provide a self-serve Developer Platform that makes common DevOps functions accessible to end-users who typically don't have the requisite expertise (or permissions) to access them, with proper guardrails and access control.
Kubiya’s extensible workflow engine allows operators (and end-users) to create a nearly endless array of workflow automation that can then be securely triggered in simple conversations (e.g. Slack) or via CLI, thereby minimizing repetitive and tedious tasks.
User interaction with Kubiya is designed to be flexible and easy to understand. Leveraging a powerful, conversational AI engine, Kubiya can understand and translate natural language commands to interface with traditional, syntax driven platforms and operating systems.

Kubiya Platform

The Kubiya Platform is comprised of a combination of Workflows, Actions, Integrations, and Policies.
Workflows define the patterns of behavior composed of individual Actions. The systems that Kubiya can interact with is defined by Integrations and Policies that allow for granular control of what users can and cannot do when interacting with Kubiya.
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